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HELLO, I’m Katy. I’m 19. I love FIREFLY, RDJ, Star Trek, Karl Urban, Gintama, SPN, SGA, sleeping, Castiel, Adam Baldwin, Nathan Fillion, Joss Whedon, NPH, Doctor Who, Heroes, Fringe and Reaper as well.

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I’m offering art commissions in exchange for money in order to help my family. I won’t put you through some tl;dr sob story, but if you think you can help out, please spare me a minute or two of your time. If not, just clicking reblog or linking someone else is more than enough.

For those who don’t know why I’m doing this, tl;dr version is:

My computer died. Our car was repossessed. Please reblog or commission me so I can get $$$. Thank you.

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For everyone sitting in front of their laptops right now, alone, and crying. Can we have a group hug?


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staring at my clock until supernatural is on

normal friday night for a super cool 20 year old girl with a life

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